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Movement is life, which means that moderate physical activity should be present in the life of every person who wants to be healthy and productive. Here it should be said that just a monotonous run or exercise in a stuffy gym is not to everyone's liking, which, in principle, is fully justified. Therefore, we offer you the best alternative - training in a tennis club. Classes can be held both in a group and with a personal trainer, here you already choose. Pay attention to the fact that such training will be useful not only for adults, but also for children.

Types of training

Group Training

We test you, evaluating your capabilities. We are not asking you to demonstrate all your skills - it will be enough that you tell us at what level is your "friendship" with tennis. A convenient schedule is selected and a group is formed. Approximately 2-4 times a week, but changes are possible (at your request).

Workouts for kids

Before teaching tennis to children, the coach evaluates the individual structure of the child's body, the peculiarity of the genotype, finds strengths and weaknesses, and also takes into account previous experience in sports or creative sections. All this helps to build the most harmonious and, most importantly, effective program!

Personal trainer

If you wish to train individually, we are pleased to offer you a team of highly qualified trainers. They will teach adults and children to play tennis from scratch. They will be a great sparring partner for both amateurs and professionals.

Set high goals!

In order not to get tired quickly, you should develop endurance. This is exactly the quality that every tennis player requires.
Tennis is an exciting spectacular game that is becoming more and more popular every year. Not only the victory, but also the correct training is significantly affected by the correct selection of equipment. We offer tennis lessons and lessons for you and your children. Come to our tennis school, enjoy this royal sport. Let us take your sports activities to the next level. Find a workout that suits your needs.



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